FSIS Regulatory Notices

FSIS inspection related notices are time sensitive materials issued to provide instruction in support of food safety regulations. A completed listing of FSIS notices appears here, organized by issue date.
  1. 70-18
    Federal Government Closure on Monday December 24 2018
  2. 69-18
    Special Provisions for Pay Period 25
  3. 68-18
    Holidays in 2019
  4. 67-18
    Import Residue Sampling Types of Inspection
  5. 66-18
    Annual Leave Donations to the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program
  6. 65-18
    National Day of Mourning for President George H.W. Bush; Federal Government Closure on Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  7. 64-18
    Eligibility of Argentina to Export Raw Beef to the United States
  8. 63-18
    Transition to USDA Government Mastercard Travel Credit Card
  9. 62-18
    Performance Award Distribution for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees
  10. 61-18
    Training Requirement For International Travel
  11. 60-18
    Update to the Sampling Instructions for the Fiscal Year 2018 Dioxin Survey
  12. 59-18
    Federal Benefits 2018 Open Season
  13. 58-18
    Discontinuation of Residue Sampling of Siluriformes Fish at Further Processing Establishments
  14. 57-18
    Computer Return Policy
  15. 56-18
    Performance Management Updates for Fiscal Year 2019 Standards
  16. 55-18
    Completion of the Public Health Information System Plant Profile Foreign Country Export Questionnaire - Phase Two
  17. 54-18
    Import Residue Sampling Types of Inspection
  18. 53-18
    Cutoff Dates for Yearend Purchases Fiscal Year 2019
  19. 52-18
    Pay and Leave Guidance
  20. 51-18
    Reporting of Negative In-Plant Kidney Inhibition Swab (Kistm) Test Results in the Public Health Information System
  21. 50-18
    Approval of Official Time For Union Representation Activities
  22. 49-18
    Fiscal Year 2019 Pay Periods and Official Payday Dates
  23. 48-18
    Quarterly Establishment Information Letters about Sampling Results
  24. 47-18
    Time And Attendance (T&A) Reporting Procedures For Pay Period 20
  25. 46-18
    Analysis for Salmonella of all Imported Beef Products Sampled for Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC)
  26. 45-18
    Restoration of Forfeited Annual Leave
  27. 44-18
    End Of The Year Performance Management Instructions
  28. 43-18
    Transition to Next Gen USDA AgLearn
  29. 42-18
    Disposition Instructions For "Woody Breast" and "White Striping" Poultry Conditions
  30. 41-18
    FY 2018 USDA Travel Credit Card Training
  31. 40-18
    Availability of Updated Meat and Poultry Hazards and Controls Guide
  32. 39-18
    Establishment Application for Export (FSIS Form 9080-3)
  33. 38-18
    Establishment Application for Export
  34. 37-18
    How to Handle Obsolete Export Certificates
  35. 36-18
    Verification Steps for China Exports
  36. 35-18
    Approval of Official Time for Union Activities
  37. 34-18
    Assessment and Verification Reviews of an Official Livestock Establishments Robust Systematic Approach for Humane Handling and Slaughter
  38. 33-18
    Fiscal Year 2018 Continuing Education Program for Public Health Veterinarians
  39. 32-18
    Actions to Take in Raw Poultry Establishments Exceeding Salmonella Performance Standards
  40. 31-18
    Update on Partially Hydrogenated Oils in Meat, Poultry and Egg Products
  41. 30-18
    Distribution of Windows 10 Computers
  42. 29-18
    Public Health Information System Establishment Reporting and Animal Disposition Record Entry Improvements
  43. 28-18
    New FSIS Security Paper and Seven Digit Export Stamp for Use With the Export Module of the Public Health Information System
  44. 27-18
    Use of New/Revised Export Certificates (FSIS Forms 9060-5 and 9060-5S), Continuation Sheets (FSIS Forms 9060-5A and 9060-5B) and Application for Export (FSIS Form 9060-6)
  45. 26-18
    FSIS Notice 26-18 FSIS Sampling for Labeling Claims Verification
  46. 25-18
    Criteria for Recommending an Onsite Verification Audit as Part of a Reinstatement of Equivalence Determination
  47. 23-18
    Notification of Export Certificates to The People's Republic of China
  48. 22-18
    Completion of the Export Certificate Questionnaire
  49. 21-18
    Scientific Integrity Training at FSIS
  50. 20-18
    FY 2018 Yearend Closing Instructions
  51. 19-18
    Training Requirement for International Travel
  52. 18-18
    Follow-Up Sampling in Raw Poultry Establishments Not Meeting Salmonella Performance Standards
  53. 17-18
    Delayed Implementation of Verification of Revised Appendix A and B
  54. 16-18
    Annual Notice to High-Mileage Drivers
  55. 15-18
    Public Health Regulations and Alerts for Use in Determining Inspection Program Personnel Actions and Public Health Risk Evaluation Scheduling in Meat and Poultry Establishments
  56. 14-18
    Eligibility of Foreign Countries to Export Siluriformes Fish and Fish Products to the United States
  57. 13-18
    Inspection of Closed-Face Sandwiches for Export to Canada
  58. 12-18
    Instructions for Kidney Dispositions in Poultry Carcasses
  59. 11-18
    Office of Investigation Enforcement and Audit Responsibilities Related To Siluriformes Fish and Fish Products
  60. 10-18
    Mandatory Equal Employment Opportunity and Civil Rights Training for all FSIS Employees
  61. 09-18
    Requirements for the Disposition of Non-Ambulatory Disabled Veal Calves
  62. 08-18
    Leave Policies Regarding Leave Approval Related to Childbirth, Adoption, Foster Care, and Serious Medical Conditions
  63. 07-18
    Completion of the PHIS Plant Profile Foreign Country Export Questionnaire
  64. 06-18
    Additional Information Regarding Instructional Labeling Statements for Raw Beef Products Shipped to Intermediary Official Establishments Prior to Delivery to an Official Establishment for Full Lethality Treatment to Address STEC
  65. 05-18
    2018 Mileage Reimbursement Rates