FSIS Regulatory Notices

FSIS inspection related notices are time sensitive materials issued to provide instruction in support of food safety regulations. A completed listing of FSIS notices appears here, organized by issue date.
  1. 11-18
    Office of Investigation Enforcement and Audit Responsibilities Related To Siluriformes Fish and Fish Products
  2. 10-18
    Mandatory Equal Employment Opportunity and Civil Rights Training for all FSIS Employees
  3. 09-18
    Requirements for the Disposition of Non-Ambulatory Disabled Veal Calves
  4. 07-18
    Completion of the PHIS Plant Profile Foreign Country Export Questionnaire
  5. 08-18
    Leave Policies Regarding Leave Approval Related to Childbirth, Adoption, Foster Care, and Serious Medical Conditions
  6. 06-18
    Additional Information Regarding Instructional Labeling Statements for Raw Beef Products Shipped to Intermediary Official Establishments Prior to Delivery to an Official Establishment for Full Lethality Treatment to Address STEC
  7. 05-18
    2018 Mileage Reimbursement Rates
  8. 04-18
    Conclusion of the PHIS Disconnected State Application and Cancellation of FSIS Directive 13,000.4
  9. 03-18
    Profile Updates at Establishments that Apply High Pressure Processing or Irradiation
  10. 02-18
    Update to Sampling Supplies for Routine Risk Based Lm Sampling and IVT Programs
  11. 01-18
    Follow-up Sampling in Poultry Carcass Establishments not Meeting a Salmonella Performance Standard
  12. 66-17
    Poultry Disposition Reporting
  13. 67-17
    Imported Siluriformes Fish Products Sampling Program Update
  14. 65-17
    Federal Benefits 2017 Open Season
  15. 64-17
    Restoration of Forfeited Annual Leave
  16. 63-17
    Special Provisions for the End of the 2017 Leave Year
  17. 62-17
    End of the Year Performance Management Instructions
  18. 61-17
    List of Electronic Communications Operations Persons
  19. 60-17
    Electronic Official Personnel Folder Access Procedures for Employees Without Access to a Government Computer
  20. 59-17
    Federal holidays in 2018
  21. 58-17
    Cancellation of FSIS Directives in the 4,000 Series
  22. 57-17
    Use of Electronic Digital Signature
  23. 56-17
    FSIS Continuing Education Program Open to All Inspectors for the 2018 Spring Semester
  24. 55-17
    Verifying that Records are Kept by Official Establishments and Retail Stores that Grind Raw Beef
  25. 54-17
    Actions to Facilitate Industry Access to the Public Health Information System
  26. 53-17
    End of the Year Performance Management Instructions
  27. 52-17
    Sampling Project Codes for the Fiscal Year 2018 U.S. National Residue Program
  28. 51-17
    Submission of Fiscal Year 2018 Renewal Orders
  29. 50-17
    Verification of Adequate Controls at Establishments in Areas Affected by the Recent Hurricanes
  30. 49-17
    Time and Attendance Reporting Procedures for Pay Period 20
  31. 48-17
    Fiscal Year 2018 Pay Periods and Official Payday Dates
  32. 47-17
    FSIS Standardized Performance Evaluation Model
  33. 46-17
    Considering Interim Ratings and Advisory Assessments in Final Ratings of Record
  34. 45-17
    Performance Award Distribution for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees
  35. 44-17
    Cutoff Dates for Yearend Purchases Fiscal Year 2018
  36. 43-17
    Updated Contact Information for the FSIS Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program
  37. 42-17
    Extension of Deadline to Complete Labeling Claims Questionnaire
  38. 41-17
    FY2017 USDA Travel Credit Card Training
  39. 39-17
    Reinspection Procedures for Product Presented for Export at Official Establishments
  40. 38-17
    Raw Non-Intact Beef Product Groups Update
  41. 37-17
    Cancellation of Fsis Directive 4430.6, Out-Of-Plant Performance System (OPPS)
  42. 35-17
    Disposition Instructions for "Woody Breast" and "White Striping" Poultry Conditions
  43. 34-17
    Inspection Procedures Related to Feral Swine and Reactor Pigs
  44. 33-17
    Verifying Labeling of Descriptive Designation for Needle- or Blade-Tenderized Raw Beef Products As Required By 9 Cfr 317.2(E)(3)
  45. 32-17
    Instructions for Verifying Validation Requirements During Performance of the Hazard Analysis Verification (Hav) Task
  46. 31-17
    Annual Reminder for Records Management Responsibilities
  47. 30-17
    Raw Pork Products Sampling Program Phase II
  48. 29-17
    Disabling of the Public Health Information System Generated Follow-Up Task
  49. 28-17
    Import Residue Sampling
  50. 27-17
    Religious Exempt and Very Low Volume Raw Poultry Exploratory Sampling Program
  51. 26-17
    Sampling Imported Brazilian Raw Beef Product Assigned an E. coli O157:H7 MT51 Type of Inspection at an Increased Level of Reinspection
  52. 23-17
    FSIS Pilot for Residue Sampling to Complement the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System Program
  53. 22-17
    2017 Yearend Closing Instructions
  54. 21-17
    Questionnaire for Certain Labeling Claims on Raw Ground Beef Raw Chicken Parts and Ready-to-Eat Products
  55. 19-17
    Imported Raw Poultry Products Sampled For Salmonella and Campylobacter Analysis
  56. 18-17
    Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Alert
  57. 17-17
    Sampling Imported Raw Beef Product Assigned an E. coli O157:H7 MT51 Type of Inspection at an Increased Level of Reinspection
  58. 16-17
    Annual Notice to High-Mileage Drivers
  59. 15-17
    Cancellation of FSIS Notice 53-16, Protecting FSIS Inspection Program Personnel from Mosquito Bites
  60. 14-17
    Analysis for Salmonella of All Imported Beef Products Sampled for Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia Coli (STEC)
  61. 12-17
    Responding to Overtime Requests
  62. 11-17
    Inspection Responsibilities and Authorities for Reducing Slaughter or Evisceration Line Speed in Poultry Slaughter Establishments Not Operating Under the New Poultry Inspection System
  63. 10-17
    Office of Investigation, Enforcement and Audit Responsibilities Related to Siluriformes Fish and Fish Products
  64. 09-17
    Mandatory Equal Employment Opportunity and Civil Rights Training for All FSIS Employees